I was a professional footballer for over 10 years, so i know more than most what it is like to have injuries and how painful they can be. I was lucky enough to receive the finest possible treatment available at the time & this is why i decided to qualify as a registered Osteopath. In recent times i have suffered serious back pain with associated pain into the back of my leg.


Having moved from the world of sport, i began to learn that all sorts of people can suffer serious neck and back pain. I personally understand what impact this can have on a patient’s work and home life.


To help anyone in pain, our philosophy, is to ensure quick appointment times (within 24-48 hours of initial contact) and the highest quality Osteopathic care and treatment using a network of top consultants in their field. At all times, patients will be made aware of the details of the treatment they receive and all treatment will be part of a management plan.


Our aim is to provide quick, comprehensive treatment leading to fast effective pain relief.


The clinic, Scott Osteopathic & Health Clinic, is now located at 1 Yeoman Lane, Bearsted, Maidstone, ME14 4BU ( previously, Amelanchier Osteopathic & Sports Injury Clinic near Tescos, Grove Green, in Weavering Street) and has been established for 16 years with an extensive network of consultants and other therapists who are focused on providing ‘Expert Care and Pain Relief for the Entire Family’.



We have an extensive array of experience with several areas of specialist interest.  However, as Osteopath’s we stick to the osteopathic principle of treating the whole body not just the complaint.


The majority of our patients come to us through personal recommendation from friends and family.  We are certain that we can provide and meet your expectations with a first class approach to your pain, injury and manage your full recovery. We provide treatment for a wide range of injuries including back pain, whiplash, Joint pain, sciatica, neck ache and sports injuries to name but a few.


Our patients come from varied backgrounds they include office workers, pregnant ladies, the more mature patient, sports amateurs and professionals and many self-employed, who know full well that good health is good for their business. I am also highly skilled in Cranial Osteopathy which is widely used in the treatment of babies and children for various conditions.


If you have any queries or are unsure whether Osteopathy can help you, then please email us or call and have a chat.