Osteopathy and Pregnancy

Common symptoms which females suffer from whilst pregnant include low back & pelvic pain, SPD (Symphasis Pubis Dysfunction), sciatica and leg pain, rib & mid back pain leading to breathlessness and pain when taking a deep breath, neck aches and headaches of a mechanical nature.


Some common treatments for musculoskeletal aches and pains such as drugs, physiotherapy and exercises, are not always suitable for pregnant ladies. Osteopathy can offer a safe and effective way of dealing with these common conditions.


Examination & Treatment


Every patient will undergo a complete examination process. To start with a very extensive case history will be taken to see if “mum to be” is suitable for osteopathic treatment. Once the physical examination has been completed you may be offered osteopathic manual therapy to correct not only the tissues causing the symptoms but more importantly the underlying problems. Once the initial pain starts to reduce you may be offered maintenance treatment to correct the areas of the body and spine that are going to change over the course of the pregnancy. This may lead to a more comfortable natural pregnancy.


You may also benefit from a post natal check up at six weeks once you have been discharged from your midwife, to assess that your spinal and pelvic mechanics have returned to normal.


Top tips for pregnancy


•Take care when lifting and caring, especially when lifting and carrying other children.

• Do not carry small children on one hip for long periods.

• When laying on your side in bed place a pillow under your bump and between your knees for support.

• When sitting, sit correctly with good posture, use a cushion for support and do not cross your legs whilst sitting.