Sports injuries


Many of us these days regularly participate in some sort of sport or exercise, which involves people of all age groups. We see patients who just want to keep fit, from the professional to the casual participant. Lots of sports injuries result from overuse i.e. playing to frequently and for to long or not warming up properly before taking part or from not warming down after exercise.


Sometimes using the incorrect equipment can sometimes lead to injuries i.e. ill fitting footwear which can lead to hip, knee and foot injuries (e.g. Achilles injuries). Reduced joint flexibility will effect performance and may result in injury, for example the golfer who can not turn at the waist due to them becoming stiff and the ageing footballer who’s knee’s do not bend as they once did. The good news is those people who take regular exercise and who are fit tend to recover more quickly from their injuries.


How osteopathy can help


Osteopathy can help improve performance as well as treating the injury being suffered. As osteopaths we use our knowledge of diagnosing and palpatory skills to restore any structural imbalances, increase joint mobility and soft tissue restrictions so to restore ease of movement and performance is enhanced.


For people just wanting to keep fit osteopathy can help just as well. It can help keep you supple and help improve muscle tone which in turn reducing the risk of injury to muscle which may not be use to exercise. Advice may be given on diet, exercise and stretching which will all be helpful to you with your chosen sport.


Top tips for exercise


• Begin and build up slowly, you don’t become fit over night.

• Make sure you warm up first and warm down after exercise.

• Drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise.

• Do not try to “run an injury off”, seek early advice!