Work Related Problems


Are you fit for work?


Millions of working days are lost each year to work place injuries. Your body needs to cope with demands placed on it whether you work in an office or outside on the land. Obviously manual work carries a higher risk of injury due to heavy and often awkward lifting, over reaching and long periods of bending which may lead to back and disc injuries, sciatica and muscle strains.


Office work is not without risk either. Sitting at a desk and computer, using the telephone will affect the neck and shoulders which may lead to headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome for example.


People who drive for long periods need to be aware of their driving position which can have a wide range of affects on not only your back, neck and shoulders but also on hips, knees and feet. You can ask your osteopath for advice on the correct driving position for you and exercises which may help.


For the Employee


If you visit the osteopath it shows to your boss that you are taking an active role in trying to improve your complaint. The osteopath will look at the type of work you do and try to help find ways of improving the way which you work and possibly the environment you work in so to try and prevent a recurrence of your injury. You will be advised on posture and lifting. Your osteopath can also provide you with a fit note.


For the Employer


Early intervention of osteopathic treatment will usually resolve work related injuries earlier therefore ensuring your work force is more efficient and productive and it will reduce time off work through ill-health. Some local companies already benefit from using our services as part of their care programme for employee’s thereby improving morale and increasing productivity.


3 top tips for work


  • When lifting at work make sure you can do so safely, ask for help if you need to.
  • Take regular short breaks away from the desk and computer to help avoid back, neck and eye strain.
  • If you are driving on a long journey take time to stop, get out and take a 10 minute walk every so often.